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                                                  您好!歡迎進入澳门葡京赌博 網站!
                                                  當前位置:網站澳门葡京赌博 > 關於達歐 > 公司簡介

                                                  關於達歐  ABOUT DAIL

                                                  ABOUT DAIL

                                                  ABOUT DAIL



                                                  澳门葡京赌博成立於2005年 ,是一家專業從事國際商務會展服務的機構 。擁有專業的展覽團隊,市場部,銷售部 ,設計部 ,搭建部 ,客服部以及專業的高級管理人員和其他輔助部門 ,組成我們多元化的服務基礎 。

                                                  澳门葡京赌博攜手全球兩大工業類展覽主辦機構德國漢諾威展覽公司和英國勵展博覽集團 ,爲中國的進出口企業創造先機。澳门葡京赌博作爲德國漢諾威展覽公司指定的中國一級代理商,也是英國勵展博覽集團指定的法國工業展中國區的總代理 ,以及日本機械要素展大的組織企業,一直在組展的道路上相互支持與合作 ,因此達歐也擁有優勢的展位資源。

                                                  除此之外,達歐還提供境外展會隨團服務和現場搭建 ,提供優質多樣的行程、高端的星級酒店、搭配貼心的隨團領隊以及專業的設計團隊和嚴謹的現場把控 ,爲您提供一站式服務和全程無憂的品質享受;同時有專業的客服協助客戶遠程辦理簽證並在展後配合各地企業 ,申請境外參展拓展資金補助 。

                                                  多年來,澳门葡京赌博秉承高品質的理念 ,在專業上精益求精 ,堅持以良好的口碑引領行業標準,架通中國與世界各國的橋樑 ,讓客戶跟隨我們的足跡遍佈全球。在經濟全球化的今天 ,我們深知服務是立足的根本。在堅持與世界各地的合作伙伴彼此信賴、互相扶持的同時  ,達歐的同仁願用專業的服務,敬業的精神 ,迎接每一位信任達歐的朋友 !

                                                  Shanghai DAIL Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise founded in 2005 that specializes in providing comprehensive services for international exhibitions. After the continuous improvements over a decade, now DAIL contains 7 varisou departments such as marketing, sales, design, operating, customer, administration and auxiliary tasked with providing specific services.

                                                  DAIL is sharing partnerships with globally leading exhibition organizations Deutsche Messe AG and Reed Exhibitions, which aims to anticipate competitors by getting customers' products onto the market first. As the A-level agent represented Deutsche Messe AG, general agency for MIDEST PARIS belonged to Reed Exhibitions, and also the largest agency of M-TECH in China, DAIL has the absolute advantages on booth locations in comparison with rivalries.

                                                  Moreover, DAIL provides services for international exhibitions such as various travelling routes options, fancy hotels arrangements, principals for each group, professional design staff and efficient on-site control, and also it has special team for booth on-site setting up. Meanwhile, customer service department will be assisting all the time for VISA and messe subsidy application afterwards.

                                                  As a highly-reputed enterprise, DAIL has organized more than hundreds of different industrial exhibitions all around the world. Our customers are important to us and it is our responsibility and indeed our pleasure to serve and to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed in all transactions.


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